Hugh McMillan

Hugh McMillan

Poet and author based in Penpont

Tell us a little about what you do and why you love it

I write poetry mostly. I find it’s a beautiful and condensed way to express yourself. And quick too: either it works or it doesn’t.

What makes Dumfries and Galloway special to you?

The history, the landscape, the tragedy. The fact it’s the place where I’ve grown up, brought my children up. The downside? Depopulation. Conservatism.

Are you involved in other arts and cultural activities?

As a practitioner? Not really, though I have co-operated closely with artists in the past, particularly Hugh Bryden.

What projects are you involved in right now?

Two new books are coming out from Luath Press in 2015 which is very exciting. I also want to do some creative work about emigration, one of the region’s great motifs.

Hopes, ambitions or plans for 2015?

To continue writing silly wee lyrics. An independent Scotland would be good.

Have you always been in this role – or have you/do you do anything else?

Occasionally I fantasise about doing something that actually makes money.

If we asked a friend to tell us something surprising about you, what would they say?

One would say I was once chased by a bear in the Carpathian Mountains, another would say I was a liar

Anything else you’d like to add?

Cherish your nearest poet