Kim Ayres

Kim Ayres

Photographer based in Castle Douglas

Tell us a little about what you do and why you love it?
I create staged, narrative photos. For individuals, families and friends this means they can be the heroes, heroines and villains of their own epic fantasies – images that look like they could be film stills, movie posters or album covers. I love working with people to create images where people go “wow” rather than “next”; I love the creativity; and I love the problem solving.

What makes Dumfries and Galloway special to you?
Within a 30 mile radius of Castle Douglas is a huge and varied range of landscapes – from sandy beaches to rocky beaches and cliffs, arable land to gentle hills and grander mountains, glens and burns to waterfalls and lochs, woodlands to urban, ruined castles and standing stones. So it’s ideal to recreate pretty much any kind of “location” for pretty much any kind of photo.

Are you involved in other arts and cultural activities?
I’m also a musician and play in a band called “The Cracked Man”. We’re not global superstars, but it’s fun playing at festivals such as Eden and Wickerman. After we’ve played our set I then have the weekend to wander around with my camera.

What interesting projects have you recently been involved in?
Last month I photographed some of Dumfries and Galloway’s finest, internationally renowned, traditional musicians for Macmath: The Silent Page – a project bringing to life songs not heard for over a hundred years.

For more about the photo shoot, you can read my blog post:

For more about the project itself, visit Ali Burns’ site:

Hopes, ambitions or plans for 2015?
I’m beginning to target businesses with my photographic approach. We live in a world where hundreds of millions of mediocre photos are being uploaded to the internet every day. To stand out, businesses need outstanding images – just creating their own on their iPhone isn’t good enough.

Have you always been in this role – or have you/do you do anything else?
I’ve previously been a writer, a web consultant, an art promoter, a radio presenter, a landscape gardener and a burger fryer, but photography is more fun and more fulfilling than the rest put together by a factor of about 15 million.

If we asked a friend to tell us something surprising about you, what would they say?
Questions like this are inherently tricky to answer, because I don’t know what anyone would find surprising. So here are 3 different things about me and maybe someone will find at least one of them slightly surprising:

  • I have a degree in philosophy
  • I was once sent an appointment card from the medical centre for a cervical smear
  • I know how to stop hiccups in a few seconds without having to drink water or hold your breath

Anything else you’d like to tell us?
It’s not about the camera. It makes no difference if you have an entry level Canon, a top of the range Nikon, an iPhone or a £32,000 Hasselblad – to consistently make outstanding photos you have to have an understanding of light, line, colour, composition and storytelling, and these are honed with learning, practice and dedication.

Contact details
tel: 0797 196 9953